The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guest, Scott Giordano, serves as Senior Counsel for Privacy & Compliance at Spirion, an advisor in rapid identification and protection of sensitive data - focused on multinational data protection and its intersection with technology.

In this episode, Scott and Bruce discuss:

  • Privacy and security, which are often mistakenly conflated.
  • Why you need to bring your lawyer in well before the data collection “cake is baked”.
  • The liability differences between a data collecting consumer product and a data collecting business product.
  • How to think through the data sharing contract for your newly digitally transformed product or service.
  • Privacy laws you should be concerned with if you gather consumer data.
  • Why you need to develop a data sharing contract your customer signs before using your digital product or service.
  • Why caps and indemnifications are your data sharing contract’s best friends.

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