The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Listen to this trailer/overview with Bruce Sinclair to learn about the upcoming season of the podcast, now named, The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show.  New episodes starting February 26.

This talk show is about the next big thing in value creation.  It is for fund managers and corporate leadership investigating digital transformation for their companies, and for service providers, subject matter experts and vendors wanting to broaden their digital skills.  Although the show’s focused on value creation in the context of private equity, it’s sector agnostic and can get pretty geeky, digging into IoT, data science (analytics & AI) and other high technology. At a high level, the show is about how to frame the digital investment thesis and how to execute it.

Season 1 of this show was produced for corporate leadership and more generally covered the tech, business and strategy of digital transformation through the lens of IoT – the foundation of all high-tech digital transformations.  Season 2 of this show expands its audience to include private capital investors and considers digital transformation from a more disciplined value creation and investment perspective.  Season 2 can be considered as an application of season 1 for private equity, while continuing to be useful to corporate leadership.

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