The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guests Rolland Donin and Hendrik Nieweg partner on digital transformation projects.  Roland is the founder of IHRS-Training, a consultancy for agile methods and digital transformation, and Hendrik is VP of Solutions at the German IoT specialist, Device Insight, which helps companies with the development of complex IoT-based digital transformation projects.

In this episode, Rolland, Hendrik and Bruce discuss:

  • The definition of Industrie 4.0 vs IoT vs digital transformation.
  • The difference between IIoT and smart product development.
  • The relationship between IoT and digital transformation and why Bruce changed the name of his podcast.
  • The “Three As” that must be present at the beginning of every digital transformation.
  • Not falling into the gold plating trap.
  • Using the edge for data culling.
  • The two steps that precede machine learning.
  • Quantifying the value created and costs incurred in case studies about smart coffee vending machines and smart electronic components.

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