The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guest, Ravi Venkatraman is the CEO and President of Hamiltonian Systems. A technologist and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience,  Ravi’s latest focus has been solving complex business problems in data management and MRO supply chains using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In this episode, Ravi and Bruce discuss:

  • What MRO is, its five main cost centers and why it’s important.
  • Why MRO inventory management is often overlooked and the value that can be discovered there.
  • Predictive maintenance in the context of the “M” in MRO.
  • How long it takes to typically develop a useful predictive maintenance model and how considering all of MRO can improve the quality of predictive maintenance models.
  • A case study quantifying the early value of MRO inventory control can have on working capital.

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