The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guests Raymond and Michael Volpatt are brothers and co-owners of Volpatt Construction, a commercial and institutional construction company based in Pittsburgh. They are also co-founders of ShareInTech, a construction workforce optimization, building management, and asset supervision company.

In this episode, Ray, Mike and Bruce discuss:

  • How wearables, beacons and geofencing work and how they have transformed safety at the Volpatt worksites.
  • How Volpatt is “eating their own dogfood’ by using solutions by ShareinTech and how that forms a virtuous cycle.
  • How the tech was adopted by their construction workforce and lessons learned.
  • How an increase safety measures reduces the cost of labor by improving a firm’s EMR (Experience Modification Rating) which in turn reduces worker’s compensation premiums.
  • Quantifying the value created and costs incurred to implement a smart safety solution.

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