The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guest, Ravi Venkatraman is the CEO and President of Hamiltonian Systems. A technologist and entrepreneur with 30 years of experience,  Ravi’s latest focus has been solving complex business problems in data management and MRO supply chains using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

In this episode, Ravi and Bruce discuss:

  • What MRO is, its five main cost centers and why it’s important.
  • Why MRO inventory management is often overlooked and the value that can be discovered there.
  • Predictive maintenance in the context of the “M” in MRO.
  • How long it takes to typically develop a useful predictive maintenance model and how considering all of MRO can improve the quality of predictive maintenance models.
  • A case study quantifying the early value of MRO inventory control can have on working capital.

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Our guest, John Burton is CEO and co-founder of UrsaLeo, a company focused on bringing modern UI to the industrial world. Previously John had a 30-year career in semiconductors and founded multiple companies.

In this episode, John and Bruce discuss:

  • The process and technology involved in creating a 3D digital twin.
  • Different use cases for 3D visualization of IoT data.
  • The advantages 3D and 4D visualization of industrial data has over the more common 2D visualization of today.
  • Selling the 3D digital twin to the OEM versus the end customer.
  • The Flogistix case study, where the value, costs and time are quantified.

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Our guests, Robert Falzon, a financier, and Massimo Cesaro, a technologist, are two of the co-founders of Inkwell Data. They joined forces to bring to market their Altior IoT operating system which Massimo designed and developed.

In this episode, Robert, Massimo and Bruce discuss:

  • What the digital twin is, both conceptually and physically.
  • The stages of developing Inkwell Data’s Altior digital twin: connecting data sources to data structures (wiring it), describing it with a language so processes can be visualized and preparing the data to apply external analytics and AI on it.
  • An example of a smart building digital twin.
  • A comparison of the costs of using an IoT managed cloud services versus using a virtual private server for storing, integrating and updating a digital twin.
  • Methodologies for securing digital twins.

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Our guest, Steve Latham is the founder and chief executive officer at Banyan Hills Technologies, a software company specializing in remote management and monitoring.  Steve has been in tech for over 20 years and has extensive experience in cloud-based software and the Internet of Things.

In this episode, Steve and Bruce discuss:

  • What an IoT platform is and the tech used to move data from the edge (device) to the cloud.  The hardest tech and the behind-the-curtain-tech that needs to work well to achieve scale and device manageability.
  • Use cases for a remote monitoring and management system and examples of when Banyan’s products and services led to unexpected value discoveries – including new business models and surprising quick wins.
  • Case studies of how a remote monitoring and management system were used, the investment required, and the types of value created.

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Our guest, Scott Giordano, serves as Senior Counsel for Privacy & Compliance at Spirion, an advisor in rapid identification and protection of sensitive data - focused on multinational data protection and its intersection with technology.

In this episode, Scott and Bruce discuss:

  • Privacy and security, which are often mistakenly conflated.
  • Why you need to bring your lawyer in well before the data collection “cake is baked”.
  • The liability differences between a data collecting consumer product and a data collecting business product.
  • How to think through the data sharing contract for your newly digitally transformed product or service.
  • Privacy laws you should be concerned with if you gather consumer data.
  • Why you need to develop a data sharing contract your customer signs before using your digital product or service.
  • Why caps and indemnifications are your data sharing contract’s best friends.

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