The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guest Dr. Michael Roshak works as an Enterprise Architect for Bankers Healthcare Group - a fintech company that helped hospitals and doctors with financial services during the pandemic.  And as part of the Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Lab, Mike ran code-a-thons for Microsoft developers and from which recently wrote the book, Artificial Intelligence for IoT Cookbook.

In this episode, Mike and Bruce discuss:

  • Voice activation and privacy concerns.
  • The air gap DMZ zone used in AI security.
  • The primary importance of upfront business planning for AI success.
  • The balance of edge and cloud computing for IoT AI.
  • The concept of duty cycles and why they’re important to use as a precursor to anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.
  • Not reinventing the wheel and getting help from your cloud and silicon providers.
  • The minimum data science team required for AI success.

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