The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Solo episode with Bruce Sinclair, the host of the show, discussing how to smart digital value creation can augment and improve these traditional value drivers.

On boosting buy & build performance excerpt: Smart digital is a new lens from which to spot add-on companies and a new way to integrate their products with the platform.  Unlike consolidating IT systems, orchestrating multiple products to work together produces not only a more innovative solution, but a less expensive one too. 

On market share expansion excerpt: This pricing optimization approach is based on pure customer data – clean and unbiased.  By using APIs or sensors to understand how customers make money with their software or physical products, pricing becomes an analytical exercise that can stand up to the scrutiny of any skeptical CFO.  This is true value pricing.

In this episode, Bruce discusses:

  • How to make your buy-and-build strategy more profitable than your competitors’.
  • Using outcomes to source add-ons and integrate their products with the platform’s.
  • Case study of outcome thinking.
  • The two roles smart tech can play in market share expansion.
  • Example of using AI to increase the competitiveness of a medical device.

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