The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Solo episode with Bruce Sinclair, the host of the show, discussing data-driven value creation for tech & software companies and data-driven product expansion with fintech for traditional companies.

Product expansion driven by proprietary primary customer data excerpt: When architected correctly, smart products yield proprietary primary customer data that can be used to drive low-risk product expansion.  Like Tesla, your company can also offer insurance and other high-margin, competitively priced products that precisely fit each customer’s needs.

Smart digital value creation for tech and software companies excerpt: Smart digital transformation can be applied to any company, but the type of company determines the specific tools needed for implementation.

In this episode, Bruce discusses:

  • Using smart digital to understand who your customers are and what they need.
  • How to use proprietary primary customer data to underwrite fintech products like insurance.
  • Case study of Tesla Insurance.
  • How smart digital transformation is applied differently to traditional companies, tech companies and software companies.
  • The importance of value sims and how they are used.

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