The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Our guest David Westrom is responsible for global business development at MachineMetrics and has led business development organizations and driven strategy at three IIoT start-ups that experienced successful exits, including most recently ThingWorx, that was acquired by PTC.

In this episode, Dave and Bruce discuss:

  • Digitally transforming discreet manufacturing operations to start a continuous improvement program.
  • Digital improvements for high volume/low mix versus low volume/high mix manufacturing.
  • Expanding data collection from machines to machines, people and business systems.
  • How the scope of data collection is related to the overall value generated.

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Our guest Scott Cunningham is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast who explores the ways these technologies are used and shares his thoughts with his audience across many platforms.

In this episode, Scott and Bruce discuss:

  • The different cryptocurrencies and how to live the “crypto life”.
  • How consensus models are changing to enable more efficiency in blockchain.
  • The shift from a proof of work to a proof of stake consensus model.
  • Enterprise use cases for blockchain.
  • What smart contracts are and some of the ways to use them in business.
  • Identity management with NFTs for humans and inorganic objects.
  • NFTs and the framework for thinking about using them in the physical world.

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Our guest Vipul Parekh is a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal Digital and Technology Services where he advises clients about investing in new and emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Robotic Process Automation, and Machine Learning.

In this episode, Vipul and Bruce discuss:

  • Evaluating the risk profile of emerging technology by considering scaling and integration needs.
  • Using data to drive technology, people and processes.
  • Data ownership and accountability best practices.
  • The digital twin and data governance systems.
  • The digital twin and master data management systems.
  • Data architecture and management differences for IoT-based data.

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Our guests Rolland Donin and Hendrik Nieweg partner on digital transformation projects.  Roland is the founder of IHRS-Training, a consultancy for agile methods and digital transformation, and Hendrik is VP of Solutions at the German IoT specialist, Device Insight, which helps companies with the development of complex IoT-based digital transformation projects.

In this episode, Rolland, Hendrik and Bruce discuss:

  • The definition of Industrie 4.0 vs IoT vs digital transformation.
  • The difference between IIoT and smart product development.
  • The relationship between IoT and digital transformation and why Bruce changed the name of his podcast.
  • The “Three As” that must be present at the beginning of every digital transformation.
  • Not falling into the gold plating trap.
  • Using the edge for data culling.
  • The two steps that precede machine learning.
  • Quantifying the value created and costs incurred in case studies about smart coffee vending machines and smart electronic components.

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