The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Solo episode with Bruce Sinclair, the host of the show, discussing the first step in smart digital diligence that’s used as a quick triage step before getting company specific to determine if a company is a good fit for smart digital transformation.  Sector, business type, maturity level and market dynamics all play into this step.  Once the theory is known, the Smart Tech Value Creation Quiz on the homepage of can be used to give any company a smart grade.  In this episode, Bruce discusses:

  • What is digital and what is smart?
  • What is a smart company and how do you create a smart company?
  • Why make a company smart in the first place?
  • Which sectors are best?
  • Which types of revenue generating businesses are best?
  • How old should a company be?
  • How dynamic should the company’s market be?


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