The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

Solo episode with Bruce Sinclair, the host of the show, discussing the competitive advantage smart digital diligence provides the sponsor upfront in the deal cycle during the auction.

At the heart of all post-acquisition value levers is understanding the company’s customers.  The higher fidelity you have on who the customer is and what the customer does, the closer you’ll hit the mark with all you value levers, including revenue growth, pricing optimization, multiple expansion, debt paydown and informing your priorities on margin expansion and follow-on acquisitions.

This is the purpose of smart tech, to gather and transform proprietary customer data, proprietary operational data and proprietary monetization data on your customers whether they use your product in the physical or virtual world.

In this episode, Bruce discusses:

  • Smart products and what is smart digital value creation.
  • The high technologies used in smart digital and how they differ from IT and automation.
  • Capturing proprietary data, its significance and how it’s used for value creation.
  • How smart digital improves an investment.
  • Performing smart digital diligence.
  • Connecting the dots between physical world data and virtual value models.

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