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Our guest, Jurgo Praden, is CEO of Thinnect, and has two decades of experience as an IoT researcher, a CTO and now as a CEO. His previous company, Defendec, produced a wireless border patrol product that’s currently protecting over 30 countries.

In this episode, Jurgo and Bruce discuss:

  • The meaning of, and the growing importance of, mist computing – a term coined by Jurgo.
  • The tech of mist computing - part of the distributed compute surface that includes the fog (gateways and other devices in the OT network) and the cloud.
  • The commercial importance, of ease of installation and scalability, and the tech behind it.
  • Thinnect’s Temp-Sense overlay sensing network service for food safety, the price and value created, and revenue model deployed.
  • Restaurant and supermarket case studies to tie tech and value creation together.

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